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Loren's Credentials

  • Bachelors of Science in Construction Technology
  • Associate of Science in Architectural Design Drafting
  • Passed the a national home Inspector Examination
  • Member of American Home Inspectors Training Institute
  • Advanced experience in energy management, handywork, Asbestos inspection

Our Approach

SUN Home Inspections understands that a house is made a home by families living out their dreams and goals making memories between the walls and it is my desire to make sure those walls, roofs, and systems do not interfere and provide safety, comfort, and security."

Our Story

Sun Home Inspections is a solely operated by its owner Loren Nihart who has been in the construction and engineering industries since his graduation from the University of South Dakota with a Bachelors of Science in construction technology.  He has over 35 years of experience that includes home construction/design, engineering management, energy management, housing management, construction inspection and even a little handyman work.

Being a husband, father, grandfather he realizes the stress and hectic lives this society puts on us all.   Your house is the largest financial responsibility and investment.  Homes require constant attention and consist of many systems that homeowners cannot be expected to stay knowledgeable about.  Lorens experience and knowledge can be a valuable asset to homeowners and buyers.

Loren is a very honest bible believing man of faith committed to doing the best job possible.


Next Step...

Contact Sun Home for an estimate and plan an inspection in the near future.