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(Real Estate Inspection for Purchase)

home Inspections are performed by a 400-point check list

  • Will identify items of concern for safety security, immediate maintenance and deferred maintenance
  • All safe to enter areas will be inspected
  • Pictures taken and marked in report
  • Full detailed report and a summary report
  • Quick turn around
  • Appliances, furnaces, water heaters HVAC inspected
  • Model numbers, ages
  • All exterior and grounds

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Can I accompany you on the inspection? We prefer that you would, a first hand explanation while looking directly at the home is much more direct than pictures in a report. The only request is that you not get on the roof or enter attic/crawlspace.

How long will the inspection take? That depends on the size and access of the house but typically 4-5 hours.

How long after the inspection will the report be? Typically inspections can be turned around in 24 hours. There may be extenuating circumstances that cause some delay.

What is included in your inspection? Home inspections are based upon a standardized checklist so that nothing is overlooked. The primary purpose is to look at safety, fire, security and maintenance items. Aesthetics and workmanship quality are not reported on unless it will impact one of these items.