I own my Home and want to know it  better

  • Become knowledgeable of developing issues
  • Plan improvements
  • Know current practices and your homes status with them
  • Find small issues before they become large ones
  • Budget improvements

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Why should I have my home inpsected if I am not intending on selling?  As a homeowner we sometimes become blind to underlying issues that if left unchecked will become larger problems.  A home inspector looks at everything as a critic and will detect these issues while repairs or changes can be made before becoming a larger problem.

Will the report count against me in the future?  The report is yours and yours alone it does not have to be shared.  If in the future you decide to sell the house there may be some things you have to disclose for truth in negotiations as part of the real estate transaction.

Do I have to make all the recommended repairs that are discovered?  No it is not a code inspection.  You do not have to make the repairs but if for safety it is highly recommended, i.e. GFCI’s near water, guardrails, etc.

Is a home inspection for home owner the same as a real estate transaction?  The same inspection checklist is used but can be modified at your request to exclude certain items such as testing of appliances or operating the hvac.  But for the most part it is the same.