I'm am planning on selling my home

  • Become knowledgeable of your properties needs and shortfalls
  • Eliminate those items that could be roadblocks to a sale
  • budget items for short term repair
  • Make simple improvements to ensure quick sale
  • Plan
  • A full inspection will help determine Value

Next Step

We can provide you an estimate or schedule an inspection by simply having you fill out some basic information in this link.  No obligation.


How far ahead of time should I have my home inspected before listing?  This varies on the age of your home but you should allow enough time to make minor repairs i.e. downspout cleaning, window caulking, door hardware replacement, and if financially able major repairs ie. new roof, window replacement, sidewalk repairs, hot water heater replacement.

What about aesthetics?  The home inspection is for function of systems and intended purpose.  The aesthetics are not addressed unless it impacts the home i.e. shrubs or trees that are too close to the house, or flooring that is a trip hazard.

Will the report have to be shared with the realtor?  That is your option, there may be some things that require to be disclosed based upon the truth in negotiations and disclosure agreement.  Remember the inspection is a visual and if found now it will be found later at the buyers home inspection providing it was not repaired.