I'm Buying a Home

Get your home-to-be thoroughly pre-inspected before making a major decision.

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I'm Selling a Home

A pre-listing home inspection can be valuable

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I'm a Current Home Owner

Know the health of your home take away worries and concerns

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Radon Measurement

Is there a hidden danger in your home? Find out.

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Whether Buying, Selling, Living in

The need to be aware of a homes strengths and weaknesses is highly important.  We all must take care of our personal health and so it is for our homes.  We must be aware of the environments impact on a building.  The exterior and interior should be inspected by a trained individual with knowledge to analyze and share with you.

What you cant see is still real ...

Radon can be present in all homes in america the level at which they are is what is important to know.  A simple test will give quick results to let you know if you need to take further action.

rtca canister

Inspection agreement

Standard inspection agreement that you will be asked to sign at the day of the inspection.